Winter Seascape 1

I live and work in Somerset.  I have long been inspired by the countryside, in particular the levels.  My work over the last three years has been influenced by the landscape.  I have in, the main, chosen to use charcoal as a basis for my work, overlaid with different media such as acrylic paint, pastel and graphite powder.  I feel that this is sympathetic with the subject matter, allowing me to interpret the change of light and dark.  I strongly believe the freshness of the landscape has a vitality that brings new qualities to my work all the time.

Some might think that a landscape that is predominantly flat can be dull and featureless, but I feel that the more I draw it I am getting nearer to the essence of the land, establishing a greater understanding of its changes as the seasons pass.

I was born in London in 1974. Although I spent the early part of my life in London, I have always felt drawn to the Somerset levels, visiting them many times as a child.  I can still remember sketching donkeys on the levels where my Grandparents lived and feeling a strong connection with the land.

I studied art for four years, starting with a pre-foundation course in London and then moving to Wimbledon School of Art 1993 -4. Sunderland University 1994-5 and Kent Institute of Art and Design 1995-6.

After leaving college I continued with my artwork, participating in a number of courses, both in London and in Somerset.

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